Shade for the Pool

Tired of waiting until sundown to hop in the pool?  Add some shade to make your pool a place to enjoy any time of the day!

Express Your Artistic Side

Modern, effective shade and lighting solutions that will make your outdoor experience stand out from the crowd!

Party on the Roof Deck!

UV Protection for your family

Every little bit counts!  And since kids aren't usually aware of how much sun exposure they are receiving - it's important to provide shade to areas where they gather and play.

Rectangle, Triangle or Both? 

It's nice to have options!  Triangles typically allow you to make more of an artistic statement.  Rectangles on the other hand fit tighter symmetrical areas better and offer maximum bang-for-the-"coverage"-buck.  We offer several sizes of both triangles and rectangles to fit almost any application.

Sail Shade

Spend more time outside in your yard!  Sail Shades block the searing direct Texas sunlight, yet still provide plenty of ambient light.  A modern look with more effective shade than a traditional wood pergola - yet typically less than half the price.  Now that's a progressive solution!  This popular choice includes a high-performance Sail Shade, heavy-duty anchors, turnbuckles, sleek custom aircraft cabling and professional installation.  These are high quality, commercial-grade Sail Shades with UV blockers, double reinforced webbing and welded stainless steel corner rings - not to be confused with lower quality shades that won't last.  Mueller Highlife is now the #1 provider of residential Sail Shade installations in Central Texas! 

The #1 provider of Sail Shades in Austin!

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Create a yard destination 

Shade during the day, cozy enclave by night.  Why pay a ton of money to "get away"?  Combine a sail shade or two with our gazebo lights to create a romantic getaway right in your own back yard!

Professional-Grade Parts & Installation

Professional installation makes all the difference.  A low-quality or poorly installed Sail Shade can reduce the effectiveness of the product.  And without proper tension applied during installation a Sail Shade will sag and move a lot in the wind, thus reducing its lifespan.  However - a commercial-grade Sail Shade with professional installation from Mueller Highlife incorporates heavy duty anchors and sleek custom aircraft cabling (installed with ratcheting pulleys and set to 150 lbs tension per line)that leverage specialized tools and techniques to provide a taught, elegant look - ensuring optimal performance that will last for years to come. 

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Increase the enjoyment - and value - of your urban home.

"The sails look great and, because he took the time to make sure they were positioned just right, they will provide much needed shade for most of the day. He was very professional and I would definitely use his service again and also recommend him to anyone."  - Customer Isabel W.