Premium Outdoor Fan 

Cool down those really warm days with a wall-mounted 3-speed oscillating fan.  With powerful yet surprisingly quiet performance, you'll enjoy a cooling breeze that sweeps away the heat (and mosquitoes).  Available in cream or black color, these premium fans have stainless steel parts and are made to look great withstanding the elements year round.  And as always we'll dial in the electrical to minimize cords and maximize performance.


Sail Shade

Spend more time outside in your yard!  Sail Shades block that searing direct Texas sunlight, yet still provide plenty of ambient light.  And they are typically more effective than a traditional wood pergola, yet less than 1/2 the price.  Now that's a progressive solution.  This popular choice includes commercial-grade Sail Shade, heavy-duty anchors, tensioners, sleek custom aircraft cabling and professional installation.  These are high quality, commercial-grade Sail Shades with UV blockers and welded stainless steel rings - not to be confused with lower quality shades that won't last.  Mueller Highlife is now the #1 provider of residential Sail Shade installations in Central Texas! 

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Built-In LED

Home Lighting

First there was solar power, then there were hybrid cars - now there's super efficient bulb-less LED home lighting.  Gone are the days of wasteful incandescent bulbs, obtuse CFL bulbs and cold LED lights - the new generation of bulb-less LED fixtures (both recessed and flush mount) turn on instantly and are bright, warm, dimmable and super energy efficient. Even more impressive - they last 50,000+ hours (that's roughly 43 years)!  You'll likely never have to change a light bulb again.  And don't fret about wasting any current working bulbs, we'll donate them to Habitat For Humanity.  Learn More



Relax on your patio under the warm, romantic glow of professional-grade gazebo lights.  These lights are the real deal - sturdy and waterproof, very elegant - and made to withstand the elements.  Includes professional installation of commercial-grade, UV-rated gazebo lighting with watertight receptacles (bulbs included), custom-sized reinforcement cables, a strategically placed outdoor-approved electrical outlet and choice of flip switch or wireless remote switch.  

Convenience Items

While most of our (above) published offers are packaged into small-space optimized solutions, we do offer the following service and installation options as well:

  • Light Fixture Install/Replacement
  • Ceiling Fan Install/Replacement
  • Dimmers & Specialty Switches/Outlets
  • Handyman Service

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